The cable machines are easier to use than free weights, and help provide you with proper technique and form. You can isolate one muscle at a time for an intense and more specific workout. You will spend less time setting up, changing and putting weights away. Injuring yourself is less likely when using machines. Machines are adjusting, balancing and supporting your body, resulting in the smaller muscles that would normally do these tasks in real life often don’t get exercised or strengthened. Cables are also very good for beginners who want to progress onto free weights.

Tricep pulldowns

Triceps – Rope Pulldown.        

Stand while grasping a rope/bent bar for this exercise, keeping your back and head straight. Now lower the weight while keeping your elbows tight close to your body. your back should always be stationary. Once you have lowered the weight under control below your waist (whilst squeezing your triceps) you can now raise it back to the starting position.

Chest Fly

Chest – Chest Fly’s

Place the pulleys on a high position (above your head), select the resistance to be used and hold the pulleys in each hand. Step forward in front of an imaginary straight line between both pulleys while pulling your arms together in front of you. Your torso should have a small forward bend from the waist. This will be your starting position.With a slight bend on your elbows in order to prevent stress at the biceps tendon, extend your arms to the side (straight out at both sides) in a wide arc until you feel a stretch on your chest. Breathe in as you perform this portion of the movement.

Cable Kickbacks

Glutes (Bum) – Cable Kickbacks.

Hook a leather ankle cuff to a low cable pulley and then attach the cuff to your ankle. Face the weight stack from a distance of about two feet, grasping the steel frame for support.  While keeping your knees and hips bent slightly and your abs tight, contract your glutes to slowly “kick” the working leg back in a semi- circular arc as high as it will comfortably go as you breathe out.  At full extension, squeeze your glutes for a second in order to achieve a peak contraction. Now slowly bring your working leg forward, resisting the pull of the cable until you reach the starting position.

Back – Back Row.

Seated Row

Sit slightly forward on seat or bench in order to grasp cable attachment. Place feet on vertical platform. Slide hips back positioning knees with slight bend. Pull cable attachment to waist while straightening lower back. Pull shoulders back and push chest forward while arching back. Return until arms are extended, shoulders are stretched forward, and lower back is flexed forward.

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