If you are into any aspect of fitness you will probably have noticed the recent craze of fitness events such as Tough Mudder, you don’t have to look through your Facebook long until you see one of your friends with a mud-covered grin on their face and an orange headband on their head. In some lesser known events however, these fitness tests are taken to the extremes. In today’s post, we are going to run through some of the world’s toughest fitness challenges.


World’s Toughest Mudder

Fitness Level Required: Elite                    Duration: 24 Hours

I’m guessing the majority of people know the basis of the Standard Tough Mudder. It involves 10-12 miles of military style obstacles often in freezing cold water and mud. The World’s Toughest Mudder, follows a similar premise only much, much more. To even qualify for this event, you need to be a top-level finisher at a standard Tough Mudder event which is no easy feat to begin with. Unlike the standard event, the obstacles are kept a mystery until race day and are promised to be a step up in difficulty from the civilian race. That might sound tricky as it is, but that isn’t the toughest part. The real challenge is the fact you don’t just do one loop of the course then collect your beer and headband then head home. Not for this challenge. You are expected to keep circulating the track for a full 24 HOURS. With these odds against you there is only around a 10% success rate, easily putting this up there as one of the toughest fitness challenges.

If you feel you are up for this crazy challenge, check out there web page linked below for more info!



Spartan Death Race

Fitness Level Required: Elite                              Duration: 40 hours +

With its rather fitting website address of YouMayDie.com, this is what you call Spartan Race on steroids. Much like many other obstacle events it features a course of advanced military style obstacles designed to test the most seasoned of obstacle veterans. Also, thrown into the mix are adventure style challenges such as, navigation and memory tests, which are most commonly reserved for the special forces world. Aside these are the more unconventional tests which involve eating raw onions and chopping wood. Much like the World’s Toughest Mudder, only a select few can take part, 200 to be exact with roughly 35 completing the event. Giving us a brutal 17.5% success rate. Are you up to the challenge? Check them out for more info.


Race Across America

Fitness Level Required: Elite                    Duration: 3000-mile event

Do you ever look at ultra-distance events and say, “Man I wish they were a bit longer?” Hopefully this one should grab your interest. Starting your adventure in Oceanside Pier, California and concluding in Annapolis, Maryland. This race is a total of 3000 miles long (30% longer than the Tour De France) with a total of 170,000 feet of vertical climbing along the way, just to ensure your quads are kept burning. You can do this race in teams of two, four or eight in a relay format or if you are more of a crazy lone ranger, you can ride the race solo. The 2011 winner covered a total of 2989.5 miles in 8 days, 8 hours and 6 minutes. Truly a superhuman effort. The saddle pain alone sends a shiver down my spine. For more info, check out the link below.



Antarctic Ice Marathon 

Fitness Level Required: Elite                           Duration: 100km

To most of us a 100-km run would be taxing enough on our bodies. Luckily, for all the endurance seekers out there, you can now take your 100 km run to the Antarctic of all places. Faced with temperatures usually around -25 °C and the terrain literally being a glacier, the odds are already up against you before you even start. Taking place at the Ellsworth Mountains making you closer to the South Pole than anyone will ever get with an altitude of around 2,300 feet you will need to extremely prepared, if not you risk death or serious injury. If the 100 km seems too challenging there is a standard marathon course of 26.2 miles known as the Antarctic Mile. Check out the link below for more info.



There you have it; four fitness challenges that will push your body to and beyond the limit. These might seem pretty crazy and unachievable, but we at Deus Performance believe all of your long-term goals should be this ambitious. Don’t be afraid to set goals and pursue them one set, one rep and 1 km at a time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at deusperform@gmail.com

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