All of us have a goal, a vision of a better lifestyle where you are doing what you love and feeling great. The only issue is the more we think about this vision the further away it seems. You can easily be overwhelmed by how far away the goal is that you don’t even take the first step. No matter what your goal is, you aren’t going to achieve success overnight, it takes hours and hours of grinding, sacrifices, staying up that hour later. Doing whatever it takes.

Below are 5 reasons why many people fail to achieve their goals. Don’t forget to check out for more posts just like this one.


“Next Monday I’ll start”, “I don’t have enough money”, “I’m too tired to work out”. I’m sure many of these sound familiar. You can’t make excuses that something or someone is the reason you aren’t getting better. You must realise that the only thing holding you back is you. Hold yourself accountable for what you do, taking responsibility for your actions in success or failure. Ask yourself the question, “Do I deserve to achieve my goal?”. Have you devoted your maximum effort to achieving your goal? If not, try harder.


People think you must be fearless to be successful, that is wrong. Feeling afraid is completely natural, it’s what you do with it that really counts. Fear of failure is something we all struggle with, “What if it doesn’t work out for me?”. Failure is just another part of the journey to your goal. It is all about perspective, you can either see it negatively, thinking of yourself as a failure or look at it as a learning experience that is going to help you take one step closer to your goal. So what if a diet doesn’t work for you? At least you are brave enough to take the plunge and grow from the experience whether it worked out how you wanted or not.

What People Think

If you have big dreams, there is always going to be people that would like nothing more than to see you fail. They will realise that you are taking the action that they never could. You’re scared they will laugh at you and put you down. Use the hate and negativity as fuel to your fire of success. Make the achievement of your goal the bragging rights. Prove to them you can lose that weight, run that 10k, land that new career, stick to your diet. Prove them wrong.

The Need to Succeed

You often hear people say how badly they want to lose that stone of body weight or get in shape. Some are very convincing. One thing you might notice is a lot of these people do nothing about it. Years down the line they are in the same position and look the same. Creating a better lifestyle must be so deeply ingrained that you think about it every day and every day you take action, no matter how big or small to make it happen. Don’t fall into the trap of being comfortable, by then you’re already losing. “Satisfied athletes suck”. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t follow it through. Make the thought of being average more terrifying than anything, set yourself standards and stick to them, they will define who you become.

The People Around You

You may have been hitting the gym or working with the same people around you for a majority of your life, but they may be a primary reason why you are not on track to achieve your goals. You need to surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and push you to that next level. If your gym buddies consistently don’t stick to a diet, chances are you aren’t either. They give you an excuse not to stick to your plans because they aren’t either; they will suck your motivation dry. Having someone there to hold you accountable for your promises and someone who is growing as well is critical for you to achieve your own goals.

Everyone has the potential to make great results in their lives whether that is in the gym or a career however they often stumble on the above points. Hopefully this post gives you some clarity and what to watch out for when pursuing your next venture in life.

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Written by Ryan Wilson

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