Starting out in the gym not many accessories are necessary as simply being consistent and showing up is all that really matters. However as you start to get increasingly advanced there are some must have accessories that you should carry in your gym bag. As there are so many available we are going to start off with the 5 below and continue this series in another post.



A must if you are doing any sort of heavy pulls like deadlifts or rows, chalk will eliminate all the moisture and ‘clamminess’ you experience when working hard. Although predominantly used for pulling motions you can use it on anything, such as the bench press. You can purchase chalk from most large fitness websites such as MyProtein or even rock climbing sites. It comes in liquid form, powder or a block. All do the same job so it just comes down to preference.


Lifting Belt

A great addition to any serious lifters gym bag. Lifting belts main purpose is to increase intra – abdominal pressure allowing you to brace harder against the belt specifically in strenuous movements like the squat, bench and deadlift. This will also help to prevent your spine collapsing over under heavy loads. Recommended usage for belts would be when training over 80% of your 1RM as this is when you will need to brace hardest and using with lighter weights will take stress off your muscles which we don’t want. You can purchase these in many online stores in all different styles and measurements depending mostly on your level i.e. experienced lifter may require thicker belts. A great place to start is the strength shop, linked below, as their equipment is IPF competition approved.


Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are definitely an accessory I’d recommend if you are currently lifting heavy or if you are starting to train heavier. Wrist wraps are secured around each wrist and give you solid support in heavy movements, in particular pressing exercises such as bench press or OHP.  Wraps will prevent excessive extension of the wrist which could lead to injury and will not be optimal for lifting the most weight possible. As with the lifting belt you can get these in various styles depending on your level. More advanced wraps tend to be slightly longer and less elastic to give as much support as possible. Mobility Tools linked below, are the brand I personally use and they have help up great so far.



Written by Ryan Wilson




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